So it begins…


I had my first official call with my book coach this week. She had me turn in some homework where I submitted my life events, a timeline to her. Her response: “Holy Wow. Tears. I just read this. Amazing you’re alive and doing so well. There is a lot of trauma. There are gifts. There are miracles.” And that is just the timeline of my life events, it’s not the full story. These are what I am writing about in my book, highlighting the miracles, hope, faith, overcoming, transcending, surviving, strength, and the things that pushed me through and forward to the woman I am today.

My next assignment from her is to write about my lifelines, the things that kept me going during these years of one trauma after another. You know, I’ve never given that much thought. How interesting… I know I’ve had an inward drive, to know that there’s something ‘better out there’ and make it happen. That I pulled myself up from my bootstraps, dug myself out from the chaos. How did I get those ideas? But when I think about this, I think how blessed I am the woman I am today, that I grew from all these experiences, that I did not fall prey to prostitution, drugs, alcohol, or worse, abuse of my own kids.  Mind you, this book is not just about child abuse, it is much bigger than that. It is the start, however, of my existence.

Showing the power of faith and a higher power, the real unseen sources of what has driven me beyond the dangers of life is what this book is about. Of course, there are people that have helped along the way and you will be able to see them in my story. People that entered my life and stayed a while, some stayed a lifetime, and some people that appeared for a moment and in a flash, they were gone but left me better.

The term transcendence comes up with my book coach, another term I have not thought much of, but maybe it captures what this story is. I am going to think about it. I would love to hear what your thoughts are on transcendence, to transcend, or a different word if you feel moved to comment.

Thank you for being here with me on this journey.

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