Why I LOVE Sundays!


It’s all about self-care! Yes! I personally feel that everyone should set some time aside for themselves to rejuvenate and do what you love. Whether it’s an hour or a whole day, it does not matter.

Sundays are our Fun-days! Unless the hubs and I are away or have guests, we take our Sundays very seriously! These are the days we sit in our pajamas, I’m surrounded by at least two of my dogs and hubby has a cat sitting next to him, sipping coffee leisurely while catching up on our beloved computer time. For me that is playing some online Bingo, for hubby, it’s his online Football game. I will usually make us a nice breakfast around 10ish, maybe have another coffee after, then hit the shower to feel human the rest of the day.

This is the time for me to use a nice exfoliating scrub on my face, and a charcoal detox mask, or a hydration mask, whichever is best suited depending what has occurred this past week. Today was all about detox! Too much smoke in our air from our local fires, combined with the heat, I felt the need to deep clean! My reward for this is also not to wear makeup on Sundays so that my skin can take a break and refresh, enjoying its invigorated freedom.

From here we either relax around the house or go get a coffee somewhere. It depends on our mood, weather, time of day, and whatever we feel like doing. Then we’re off to go get a foot rub! We LOVE doing this on our Sundays. So very relaxing! We will then go get something to eat for dinner, mostly take out like Poke Bowls, especially in the Summer. Aside from going out to breakfast on Saturdays, we don’t go out a lot and spend money on other things. Sundays are our one splurge for the week that we don’t have to feel guilty about. And, that is the point of self-care as well, not to feel guilty for taking care of yourself!

There are many sayings that go along the lines of “If you’re not taking care of yourself, you can’t take care of others”, or “After emptying your cup, it’s time to fill it back up”. Something like that. We give so much of ourselves to others during the week, whether its family, work or friends, it is so important we fill our cup.

What do you do for self-care? I’d love to hear your thoughts.



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