Writing the Prologue today…


One of the things my book coach and I discovered during our call this week where she had me do a 5-minute writing warm-up, is that I wrote it in 3rd person… so now I am finishing it in 3rd person, then writing it in 1st person to see which is more natural and tells the story better.

One of the things I am noticing while writing is my heart racing quite a bit. You know when harm has been done to you, you still have to have compassion for the person/people who hurt you, it’s quite a challenge. Taking a break for a moment for insight, calmness, peace, forgiveness (which can sometimes be an ongoing thing), and perspective is key. I know I am going to have to take breaks writing this book, some longer than others as I delve deeper into this. Self-care is going to play an important role in this journey.

On another note, in our discussion this week about the storyline, there may be more than one book…I give it to God. There is a message that needs to be out there in this world and I give it to Him to help the words flow.


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